Saturday, October 2, 2010


Yup…you saw right…the topic is School Libraries. So your most probably asking how’s she going to make this interesting…right?

I personally sit here wondering too, so I’ll start off with a definition…definitions always help…

A school library is a library in your school that equips you with resources such as books, the internet, encyclopedias, films, recorded sounds and digital media to help you better apply yourself to your school work.

Secondly I will say that Library Prefects are not nerds! We’re just too cool for words! You must praise us as we will one day take over the world…

On a more serious note let us talk about the history of school libraries The later part of the 19th century marked the beginning of the modern American library movement with the creation of the American Library Association (ALA) in 1876 by a group of librarians led by Melvil Dewey.

I’m going to end off by saying use your library efficiently if your have one because it means you’re lucky enough to have one.