Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sports Day

OMG! It's finally here! The day we've all been waiting for, especially, our captains who are killing themselves with work. We all know it's on a Friday, best day ever since we don't have to go to school and do work.

Sports Day really starts off with the inspection of the houses, a little news flash, if you don't clean your shoes, your captains are going to literally rip your head off: Why? Because your house will lose points. We would usually continue with the march pass (you know the thing, where they do the mark time , eyes front and all those things). Then, this is everyone favorite entertainment on Sports Day because that's when the cheerleaders do their individual dance routine and then All the cheerleaders dance to a killer mix of rocking songs we love.

The houses would then proceed to take part in friendly competition or so they want us to believe, what can i say we are competitive people. Most people, tend to enjoy the tug-o-war and the teachers competitions, which I am not certain what they are this term. There are competitions among year groups and of course you will get a prize if you win, theirs also the boys' races, this attracts many people, just saying! A next favorite is the dance off, done by the form 3's, rel bess!

The people who love their food, there is a luncheon by the St.Vincent The Paul's club, and yes you have order and pay before hand, there is also The Tuck Shop on the compound , with drinks, snacks and other eats.

See you people on the day of the best Sports Day in the whole of Trinidad, don't forget to walk with your House Spirit!

Yours Truly

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